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Canvas Prints

Upload your photos in seconds from your computer or from Facebook. Our award winning software requires no download, and enables you to design and order your canvas print in seconds.

Once your order has been placed, our in-house artisans will hand craft your canvas with skill and care, and your canvas will be delivered to your door in short order!


  • Materials
  • Quality
  • Craftsmen
  • Print
  • Shipping
  • Video
  • Archival grade canvas made with 40% cotton wrapped around a sturdy frame of Canadian softwood—your canvas will stand out as a featured wall-hanging for years to come!

  • Quality is our promise to you. We use only the best artisans, the best materials, and the best printers that we can attain when producing your canvases.

    We cut canvas, but we refuse to cut corners!

  • Your canvas will be hand-crafted in Ontario, Canada by our skilled artisans. Each canvas is built with care as if it was our own.

  • We use eco friendly ink with top of the line printers to produce a crisp, high-quality image on your canvas.

  • Flat rate shipping on all our products, just $14

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